About Us

The Community Dental Access Centre (North Okanagan) Society

Mission Statement

To operate a non-profit health centre for North Okanagan residents experiencing financial and other barriers to dental health care.


Our vision is a community where barriers to accessing dental health care are reduced and quality of life is improved.

The Community Dental Access Centre (CDAC) is a non-profit low-cost dental clinic which provides basic restorative and hygiene services to low-income people in the North Okanagan. The Community Dental Access Society is governed by a board of directors.

In April 2011, the Society became a Registered Charity. Fee reductions depend on the patient’s income and/or government dental plan coverage rates.



Emergency Dental Care
The staff and volunteers at the Centre will see as many individuals in urgent need as they can. If it is not possible to see a client in urgent need the Centre may refer you to one of our outreach dentists in the community. If you are in severe pain or have swelling seek immediate medical attention. You may require antibiotics or other critical care.

Oral Health Restoration
The Centre provides basic restorative care. This includes silver and white fillings and partial dentures.

Dental Education and Prevention
Regular dental cleaning helps us keep our natural teeth longer by keeping the gums & bones around our teeth healthy. We will work with you to improve your gum health one step at a time. Ask us how we can help you.

Volunteer Care Team
Volunteers work along with staff to provide you with quality care.