CDAC is ethically committed, and legally required, to protect your personal information.
Thank you for entrusting your personal information to us. We are committed and legally bound by FIPPA to protect your privacy. That means we will treat your personal information confidentially; only use and share it for authorized purposes, and store and protect it securely.


Confidentiality is the legal, moral and/or professional duty of all Society personnel and associates. All information generated within the Society is private in the sense that it is for the sole purpose of providing patient, resident and client care and for the carrying on of the business of the Society. For such information to be deemed confidential it conforms in some way to the principles laid out in the definition of confidentiality. Confidentiality: Containing information whose unauthorized disclosures could be prejudicial to the interests of the Society, and/or its facilities or programs, and/or individuals in or associated with the Society- such information is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Section 51 of the Evidence Act.


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If you believe that an error has been made in connection with your online donation, contact us at [email protected]. We will endeavor to work with you to correct any such error, and if necessary, make any refund or correction that is appropriate. If you change your mind about donating online to the Centre for any reason, Community Dental Access Centre is happy to honour your decision as long as you request a refund (return of donation) within 14 calendar days of the date on which you made the contribution.